DEEPEN - Developing Effective Private Education Nigeria | School Improvement Services
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This work stream aims to stimulate sustainable pedagogical changes in order to enhance school performance and learning outcomes.
School improvement lies at the heart of the DEEPEN programme. The current information available suggests that pupils in private schools perform better than those in government schools. Any learning advantage is most likely driven by factors such as earlier school starting age, increased teacher accountability, and higher time on task, rather than any pedagogical superiority. Thus, private schools must change their classroom behaviours and engage with external service providers to develop their pedagogical practices.

School Improvement Services will operate in these areas:


Business Development Services

Without access to finance, the means for growth and long-term business planning may be beyond the reach of many low-cost schools. DEEPEN will work to stimulate school growth and expansion through increased support to their business development activities. Such services could be linked to financial products offered by banks or MFBs, or other components that will lead to school improvement.

School Management Services

DEEPEN research suggests that private school heads display limited academic leadership skills to enhance the performance of their teachers. Classroom observations are brief and the management’s interpersonal relationships with their staff are very poor. DEEPEN will support the development of strategies on improved school leadership and to empower school heads to run their schools more effectively.


Education Development Services

Evidence suggests that private schools generally rate their teaching quality as high even though lessons are largely didactic with few opportunities for interactive approaches or use of learning aids. With regard to existing services, schools express limited confidence in the value they can add to their daily operations and are often reluctant to train their teachers for the fear that they may leave for better jobs after the training. DEEPEN will conduct researches to investigate the business models of school service providers and assess the teachers’ competencies. The programme will work with service providers to address constraints on the areas of identified inadequacies.