DEEPEN - Developing Effective Private Education Nigeria | Result and Learning
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DEEPEN is unique as the first programme to employ a market-systems approach to improve children’s education. This has made it imperative to design a robust Monitoring & Results Measurement (MRM) system. The importance of learning and the dissemination of such learning within Nigeria and beyond are therefore key, and the topical nature of DEEPEN increases the need for credible programme results.


The purposes of the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the results of this programme are to:

  • improve the accountability of the programme to DFID;
  • contribute to learning and improvement in the implementation of DEEPEN; and
  • fill in gaps in evidence on private sector contributions to education for DFID and other development agencies.

DEEPEN will measure changes at the market system level (outputs), the effects of market system change on schools (outcomes) and how changes in private schools affect poor children’s learning (the impact). The measurement of such market system level changes will focus around the major output areas:

  • improved rules and standards affecting schools,
  • an enhanced information environment around schools,
  • better performance of finance-related services affecting schools,
  • increased access to and use of teaching development initiatives and services around schools,
  • evidence on the realities and potential of private sector education in Nigeria and beyond.


The M&E system will collect data from private schools, head teachers, teachers, pupils & their parents, officials from relevant government bodies, associations, different service providers, and other key informants. The data will be analysed quantitatively and qualitatively, and interpreted for further decision making and communicating with internal & external audience.

The key users of the results will be DFID, education stakeholders in Lagos (Government and the private sector), development agencies, other state governments and researchers.