The Rules and Standards work stream aims to tackle the formal and informal factors that affect the operating conditions of private schools in Lagos.

On the one hand, the programme will work to improve the already-existing regulatory and legislative framework, including school guidelines, the process of formal recognition and the system for government taxes and levies.  On the other hand, DEEPEN will go beyond this to consider the impact of informal attitudes and norms among parents and communities that influence school choices and educational decisions.

Our work under the Rules and Standards will initially cover the following areas:

Graded Assessment of Private Schools (GAPS)

The Lagos State Ministry of Education (MoE) with support from DEEPEN and in collaboration with private school associations has designed a grading system that aims to assess and grade individual schools based on agreed principles of school improvement. The schools will conduct self-assessments which will be validated by the government in the form of grades. This system is a development tool which will also enable schools to continuously improve their services against known criteria.


Preliminary studies by DEEPEN reveal that private schools are subjected to regular charges from both official and informal sources. Further research will be conducted to gather credible data on the scale, legality and impact of these charges on the schools. The financial contribution of private schools to education in Lagos will be analysed and compared with approaches in other developing countries. Furthermore, DEEPEN will focus on building the capacity of schools, their associations and the MOE to design and deliver a regulatory framework that minimises the tax burden for private education stakeholders.

Capacity Assessment

There are currently about 13 private school associations in Lagos representing the different categories of schools that exist in the state. Their role within this market is vital for the proper functioning of the market. To this end, we will conduct organisational and institutional assessments on the capacity needs of the associations and the MOE, and design and manage support programmes to answer to these needs.

Private sector contribution to enrollment

Pre-primary 90%
Primary 60%
Junior 30%
Senior 30%

Public sector contribution to enrollment


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