Let’s Talk Education on CITY 105.1 FM

Let’s Talk Education on CITY 105.1 FM

In Lagos, DEEPEN’s work with media organisations has led to the creation of a new radio programme – Let’s Talk Education. The live talk show on City FM, which holds every Tuesday evening from 7 pm to 8 pm, is facilitating a regular, credible flow of information to education stakeholders in order to stimulate an improved quality of education in Lagos schools.


The latest episode focused on the role of mothers in the education of their children. “Mothers are indispensable in the education of their children”, Lydia Onuah, an education specialist and a guest on the show, said. “At least one thing every mother should do to help her child learn effectively is to ensure the child eats breakfast before going to school every day.”


The talk show is the result of a partnership between DEEPEN and City FM and a positive development in radio programming. Though there are about 60 media houses in Lagos, a survey commissioned by DEEPEN in 2014 showed a low coverage of education issues, particularly by the broadcast media. DEEPEN then challenged media executives at a recent forum to focus more on education and reap the attendant benefits.


City FM took up this challenge and the result is Let’s Talk Education. Ranked among the top 10 radio stations in Lagos, the station is enjoying technical support from DEEPEN to make the show sustainable, commercially viable and profitable.


The show will feature vox-pops, debates and discussions with key players – policy makers, school owners/teachers, experts, parents, and children – in the education field. It will also serve as a platform for disseminating key findings of studies conducted by DEEPEN and other education programmes.


Let’s Talk Education is being delivered as part of DEEPEN’s Information work stream which aims to improve access to relevant information for private education stakeholders in Lagos, especially parents, school personnel and policymakers. The programme intends to enhance the awareness and understanding of such stakeholders to support them to take better informed decisions and become more knowledgeable regarding their roles, responsibilities and entitlements.