This work stream aims to facilitate an improved information environment around private education, including a better understanding of effective learning among parents and schools and the generation of credible and accurate evidence for Lagos policymakers.

The availability of accurate information is fundamental to understanding, planning and improving educational quality. It is a critical element for evidence-based decision-making by education stakeholders.  For example, parents need to be well informed and discerning in order to demand quality services from the schools that their children attend.  Similarly, schools need guidance on best practices to enable them to use the most effective pedagogy for enhancing learning outcomes. For Government, the scope of information must be varied and rich to enable policy-makers to monitor and reform the education system, and to advocate for quality.

The Information Intervention will be responsible for:

Media Development

Despite the apparent interest in education across a wide audience of Lagos parents, there is little dedicated media programming on the issue. DEEPEN will conduct an assessment of the Lagos media landscape to gain understanding of current practices around education reporting and to generate evidence for interventions in the sector. The programme will then provide tailored technical assistance to media houses to support their development of new and improved approaches to content on education.


Programme for Improving Education Reporting (PIER)

DEEPEN’s support to the media includes a Programme for Improving Education Reporting (PIER) which is aimed at increasing the frequency, quality and relevance of educational reporting around private education. The PIER will involve a collaborative approach with a selected but sizeable group of journalists and presenters to raise their awareness and understanding of private education issues and develop their capacity to identify, investigate and present private education stories in ways that will bring attention and significant improvements to private education in Lagos State.


Engagement with the Civil Society

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) play a crucial role in development across various sectors and have come to be regarded as the voice of the voiceless; organisations whose primary aim is to improve the lot of the masses with minimal or no financial cost to beneficiaries. It is this element that DEEPEN wishes to leverage across the programme as it works to remove the constraints that prevent private schools serving low-income households from improving the quality of education they provide. Specifically, DEEPEN will work with CSOs to engage parents of children attending low-cost schools in order to empower parents and strengthen the demand-side of the market.


Analytical Studies

There is an appetite for good quality analysis among decision makers in Lagos state, and this analysis can serve as a trigger for change. However, the interest in more insightful and influential studies on private education is not being addressed and there are few organisations with sufficient capacity to undertake them. DEEPEN will address this gap by commissioning a series of detailed studies over its lifetime. The programme will take an active role in shaping, financing and managing such research, which will be communicated to a wide audience in imaginative and accessible ways.

Factors responsible for low coverage of education

Funding 100%
Lack of adverts / sponsorship 94%
Insufficient staff to cover education 81%
Low investigative journalism practice 69%
Management decisions 63%
Lack of initiatives on the part of content developers 63%
Lack of adequate trainings on the job 13%

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